April 22, 2017

A brand new blog

Hi, everyone!

After more than 3 years of blogging about home automation on Gladys Assistant, I’ve decided to start a more personal blog in parallel.

The goal of this blog is to talk about things I can’t talk on Gladys blog because it’s too technical/too personal.

On this blog, I’m going to talk about two kinds of things, first is mostly about what I do on Gladys:


  • Back-end Development (Mostly around Node.js & PostgreSQL)
  • Performance Optimization
  • Code Quality/Unit Testing
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment at scale

Random Things

  • How I work, How I organize myself
  • Hardware reviews
  • Marketing tools I use on Gladys Assistant
  • Trip :)

I won’t be only blogging about technical stuff as you can see, it’s really a personal and opinionated blog about things I do in my life.

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See you in my next article!

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